Saturday, 16 July 2011

We had a Hobby

An interesting week on the patch, first of all on the flash the Lapwings and Oystercatchers fluctuated greatly, some days only one or two Oystercatchers then the next day there could be as many as 20. Likewise with the Lapwings but in greater numbers, one day maybe a few dozen the next over 100, so we are gradually getting back to winter numbers. Amidst all this the Coots lost their 4 chicks to either Lesser-Black-backed Gulls or Crows.
               On a brighter note 2 juvenile Redshanks dropped in and stayed most of  the week, Swallows continued to hawk the area for insects and Starling numbers have been rising.
               Down on the new reserve Thacka beck, the Mallard numbers have dropped as the young have left for pastures new, Swallows and House Martins have been hawking in good numbers. Then at one period I get a text from John saying Kingfisher had flown in following the beck , then just as  quickly left again. Then another text from Roy with even bigger news a Hobby put in a brief appearance chasing Swallows but didn't hang around very long.

Sea Bindweed
Yesterday myself and Mrs W headed for the coast and ended up in the Havarigg where we had lunch  before doing some birding and planting, after looking through my records I realised we did the same thing about this time last year. The weather had been great all week and yesterday was a scorcher. It was good to be at the coast again, the tide was in and the waves crashing on the shingle mixed with the calling of the Turns, and the salty smell was just great.

Tadpoles but no ordinary tadpoles

millions of them, Natterjack Tadpoles  

The perfume of wild time filled the air

Large Evening Primrose

Found this male Linnet standing guard on some gorse 

So, that was a good ending to what had been a good week, but I fear rain is on the way, which I suppose is well needed in some areas of the country,not necessarily in Cumbria.

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