Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Marauders

Lesser Black-backed Gull 
Quiet times on the patch at the moment, with one exception, Lesser Black-backed Gulls and their numerous juveniles. They are marauding all over the new reserve and making a hell of a racket, they are disturbing everything else around, but the problems could be ahead of us. If they are still around when the Autumn passage starts then nothing will settle.

Moels beach
Had a ride down to The Wirral on Tuesday to visit my cousin, unfortunately didn't have time to do any birding. She is in her 80's so it was a quick trip out for lunch, then a ride along Moels prom. and the only thing spoiling the view was man's encroachment on nature, and I  maybe wouldn't mind so much if it was bringing in millions of megawatts of power but it ain't.

Rook, not a marauder this time, an M6 motorway service scavenger.

Rowan berries , Alright you Scandinavian crested guys, we are already preparing for your arrival, any time after November will do.

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