Saturday, 2 July 2011

The patch and out West

Centre of poppy or seed pod      

Took the Westies for their walk this morning and had a look in at the flash, good to see the 4 young coots are still doing OK. and also the young Mallards. there was a Heron on the other morning and I thought it may have had a go at the chicks but not so. There are always lots of Swallows about especially on the new reserve and also good numbers of House Martins.  Also last weekend John reported a Knot, this is a first for the flash.
                    Back home I sorted my gear out then set off for the West, first stop Soddy Gap where there was quite a few juvenile Mallard Swans with young and also a tufted duck with young.

Tufted with 2 of its 5 young
Next I made my way over to Maryport and Siddick ponds, More swans here also a few Redshank, these were on the first pond near the car park. Then on the rest of the area there was 3 Black-tailed Godwit Heron more Swans and Mallard and tufted. Also found this Mole unfortunately dead.

 Just after lunch I set off back home calling at Bassenthwaite lake to have a look at the Ospreys, pics below.

Female Osprey , Bassenthwaite


Always facing the wrong way

Juvenile Common Sandpiper, Derwentwater.

And lastly another colourful poppy.

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