Saturday, 23 July 2011

One of three Swallow nests at my old work place
I went up to the flash first thing with the Westies, wasn't a great deal on apart from a few Oystercatchers, they seem to be coming back again now that they have reared their young. Its a similar story with the Lapwings, although not so many at the moment.
Sneezewort Achillea  ptarmica
           I took Mrs W into work for 8-30 then made my way over to the Isthmus and spent the morning with Les and Carl. Derwentwater is teaming with Greylags at the moment, I saw one Merganser and not much else.

CatBells and Maiden moor
The weather was much improved on yesterday, although the wind felt cool when the sun went behind a cloud.

The north crag on Robinson
 Hope the weather is as good tomorrow, then I may have another trip out.

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