Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hot and sunny at Sunbiggin Tarn

Melancholy Thistle
Had my usual walk with the Westies this morning, but the only thing to see on the flood was 1 Coot with 3 young and a second Coot in tallish vegetation so hopefully number 4 chick was in the vegetation.
          Later I decided on a ride up to Sunbiggin Tarn, I was surprised to see quite a few Black-headed Gulls there, there use to be a nesting colony up there could be they are moving back again.

The Swans are doing well here as they have 5 young and are at an age and size that says they should survive

Northern Marsh Orchid

Bird's-eye Primrose

The above two flowers were in abundance close to the tarn and a multitude of others.
       On my way back I stopped to photograph the thistles and heard then found this Curlew, it was making some unusual sounds and I suspected that there could have been another adult about with young, and this could have been the male on guard.

I can't figure what looks like a leaning pose, as if it was leaning into the wind but there was no wind.
It was a really enjoyable few hours and the sun was hot, my kind of weather.

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