Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Thacka flood

Parasol Mushroom, Millom beach
Had a couple of visits to the flood , last night and this morning. Not a great deal about, John was already there last night and had nothing to report out of the ordinary.
   The Lapwings are coming back in numbers now with counts of 100 plus on most visits, also this morning Black-headed Gulls 7, unusually high count of Mallard with 30 this morning, and 1 Lesser Black Back gull.
        Fine drizzle blew across at one point, but was only using binocks, didn't see much point in scoping as there as not much to about. Its quite a low at the moment after all the activity the other week with the various waders, according to John we need a change of wind direction in the hope that it will bring something good in. And as I write the sun has come out but have not got the car, knickers.

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