Saturday, 24 July 2010

North and South Cumbria, 22-23 July

Yesterday Myself and Mrs W headed North unfortunately as we travelled the weather deteriorated, a total contrast to yesterday. We ended up at Tindale Tarn, a bit disappointing as there was very little about, a few Tufted and Coot, 21 Swans,and the Black Swan trying to hide in the reeds. We walked the Stagsike Trail and back to the car park. The best thing we saw all day was a Roe Buck barking down the valley below Forrest Head.
          The weather deteriorated even more mist, drizzle, and a thin wind. so we decided to head for home and a late lunch.
            Mrs W had 2 days off  together, so  Friday as soon as Daughter had vacated house on the first leg of her trip to Barcelona with 5 of her friends, we too made a move as the sun was shining and didn't want to waste it.
           We headed for Hodbarrow South Cumbria. There wasn't a great deal on the lagoon  apart from a family of Tufted duck a shed load of Swans and Herons, of which  there were teens.  All the Turns had fledged and had taken up residence on the beach over the road.
Emperor Dragonfly
           We left the lagoon area and headed for the beach cafe to replenish Mrs W's stomach. This done we made our way further along the track and then on to the beach, where we spent the rest of the day birding and planting. Somebody has had the great idea to dig shallow pits at intervals close to the dunes, a place where the Naterjacks can breed and spawn, and they are also attracting other life forms including fish and insects, including the dragonfly below.


Female laying eggs
Common Sea Lavender

Also on the foreshore there was Meadow Pipits, some feeding young, and also small flocks of Linnets. We also saw a few Gannets out over the estuary.

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