Saturday, 10 July 2010

Lost 1 but still got 2

Haven't done a lot of serious birding lately as the family have had other things on our minds. A while ago little Misty started showing signs of being in pup, but we thought it might be a phantom pregnancy, as we thought we had managed to keep Her and Kyfer apart. By Wednesday at 4pm she started twining and looking for somewhere to nest, and this kept us up all night. Thursday morning I decided to find out for sure and took Her to the vet. where a scan revealed possibly 2 large pups at least. At 6pm she started having Her first contractions, but by 8 things were not looking too good, and I rang the vet, She said give her another hour and I will ring you back. she did so and as there was no change in Her condition it was decided to take Her in to the clinic. An examination found a pup in the wrong position, the vet turned it and drew it out. At this stage Misty was in great pain, and not surprising as the pup was nearly as big as three normal pups. It was also more than obvious that it was dead, and it was the only pup Misty had been carrying.
     Today has been a better day as She has  spent less time crying and less time searching the house for pups. After taking advice from the vet it has been decided not to breed from Her as She is so small and the same thing could happen again. Looks like Kyfer could be loosing His nuts, as its a much easier way than putting Misty through more trauma.
        On a brighter note, up a Thacka flood this morning there was a Heron, not had one on there for ages. Also the Lapwings are beginning to come back in numbers now with between 30-50 and 15 Oystercatchers, the young Moorhens are fully grown now, but no sign of any ducklings, they have all succumb to predators. Also this morning the Little Ring Plover is back and there has been a common Sandpiper about.
       No new birding pics at the mo so will leave you with a resent pic of the westies pre trauma days .

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