Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Shell dropped into the flood

Juvenile Shell duck
I had two visits to the Thacka flood today, and the morning visit was fairly busy. 100 or so Lapwings 6 Black-headed Gulls, Moorhens and now fully mature young, 19 Mallard, 1 Heron, 2 Stock Dove 6 Swallows flying about, and 6 Lesser Black-backed gulls plus 3 juvenile.
          The afternoon visit was a bit more crowded, the Lapings had increased in numbers, so had the Black-headed gulls with juveniles with them. Lesser Black-backed numbers were increasing all the time, its as if they come for a wash and brush up after foraging on the tip all day. A couple of Common gulls almost got overlooked  in the mealy, and there was well over 50 Starlings mixing it with the best of em. However the surprise of the day was a juvenile Shell duck that had decided to add another tick to the flood list.
        This is the great thing about patching you never know whats going to drop in next.

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  1. Absolutely spot on willy m'bob. Curious how patches go through, well patches. Mine's like yours. Lapwings up, BHGs with juvs, LBBGs building, the odd Common Gull... cool stuff eh :)


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