Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sunny Day At Leighton Moss March 17

You are clear to land, Snow Geese & Grey Lags

Last night Mrs W and myself decided to have a ride down to Leighton today as the forecast was good, imagine my shock when on peeping through the curtains at 7-30 this morning I see what I expected frost on the rooftops. Wrong, after wiping bleary eyes I now realise we have had yet another overnight fall of snow, followed by the predicted frost, joy. Care had to be taken when giving the Westies a quick once round the block as the pavements once again were like glass.
We finally hit the M6 at about 8-30 or I should say the M6 nearly hit us, THICK FOG, more joy, so until we dropped into Lancashire it was a slow journey. On arrival at Leighton we spent some time on the causeway looking and listening for the Cettis eventually catching up with one at the far end of the causeway. It was singing practically none stop within a few yards of us (meters for the clever folk) and we spent ages trying to clock it, and I was ready to call it a day , when Mrs jammy W. spotted it sneaking around in the reeds.
Shelduck one of a few

From the causeway we moved on to the centre and spent some time in Lillians hide , this is where we saw the Snow geese fly in . There was also a couple of Great Crested Grebe starting their courtship display. After lunch we had a look in at the Tim Jackson hide, where there was a few Wigeon having a bath and thoroughly enjoying themselves, also Teal, and above us 3 Buzzard soring .
Next we headed for the Eric Morecambe hide, the view that greeted us is not one I like to see, Water everywhere, there had been a high tide and the whole area was flooded, waders could only be seen at a great distance. It was similar as regards water fowl so a bit disappointing really. There was Merlin but that was only just discernible as the sun was right in our faces.

This Kestrel gave us good views as we made our way back to the car.

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