Saturday, 24 April 2010

The return of the PC.

Wednesday 21st
Greylag Goose Bass Lake

Thankfully pc back in a good mood and willing to work as normal, so we are good to go again.
Mrs W and myself have done quite a bit of touring round of late but nothing really exciting to report, even though we have been as far afield as Bowland and the Lancs coast. the best of that day was probably Cockersands and the fields near the old Abbey where we saw upwards of 20 hares and good views of a Merlin, plus bits and bobs on the estuary including Eider.
Every morning this week I have had a look at the flood but there has been nothing on there apart from a few Mallard and a pair of Moorhens one of which is on a nest. Saw my first Swallow over the area this morning.
Yesterday we had a ride over to Bassenthwaite Lake, again there wasn't a lot about, but it was nice to be able to watch the Ospreys clearly even from the west side of the lake. Female sitting on the nest, then the male came in and started to pluck bits from a fish. there was two blokes over from the North East and we had a good crack with them.

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