Sunday, 18 April 2010

Some bits not working

Computers, you can love em, you can hate them, they can be so frustrating at times, they can make you cry they can also make you laugh. you can see things with them that amaze you, and things that shock you. Some people embrace them fully using them to keep in touch with friends and family, watch films, catch-up tv , use them for studying while at uni. and a whole host of other things. Whilst other people are frightened to death of them or totally and utterly abhor them, those people I feel a bit sorry for.
As for myself, well I first came across a form of early computer in an advert in one of the Sunday broad sheets way back in the seventies. Even then I had this Idea (and I don't know where it came from) that with a computer you should be able to put things into it and get answers, and be able to interact with it in some way. We had to Wait nearly 10 years before the first what we now call primitive computers started to appear, and most of them just became game machines.
Then suddenly everyone was talking about home computers, and the machine I had imagined back in the seventies had finally arrived, and with it all the problems and frustrations that we all know so well.
So finally I arrive at the reason for this ridiculous monologue, anyone who pops into my blog more than once, and thank you for doing so, will have noticed a distinct lack of photos with this post, no nothing to do with volcanic ash unless some has mysteriously managed to get into my computer tower as it flew at 40,000ft after I had given it a great thumping kick . No my computer for some reason known only to itself at the moment, has decided not to read my camera card, and when I try the route I have used most of the time , that is via an sub cable, it has now fallen out with my Nikon D60, saying it doesn't recognise the device at the other end of the cable, device !! of all the insults, to call a Nikon the king of all cameras a device.
So having tried every trick in the book as they say , it looks like a trip to the local computer shop to try some therapy on the computer, and I'll call in a the local psychiatric clinic to get my nerve ends treated.
You either love em or hate em.

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