Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Is it a bird?, is it a plane?

NO--- its a human suspended
from a thin piece of nylon
by a few strings, How dangerous.

And another fool.

That's Me with the green one, yeah right.

I was just thinking as you do, its about time I changed my header photo and put a more seasonal one up there. Now I'm thinking, considering the weather at the moment it is still in keeping.
I don't believe this, its snowed all morning here, fortunately it didn't stick but on the tops its a different matter.
Now for health reasons I don't like to venture out in cold conditions preferring instead temps. around the 70* plus mark hence the none bird related photos, one doesn't tend to see many birds between radiators. I would definitely become a Snowbird if I could afford it and do my winter birding in warmer climes, but alas.
I get quite annoyed with myself when I see all these other guys out and about in all weathers, and here I am stuck inside waiting for the sun and better temps. (its the thyroid you know) surely warmer weather can't be that far away, can it ? The weather persons have forecast another barbecue summer, so looks like Wellies and wetsuit at the ready for another year.
You've got to laugh haven't you.

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