Tuesday, 13 April 2010

No string attached

See, Kite, Red, no string

Now how do I eat this without dropping it.

Well Monday we just had to make a move, we being Mrs W and yours truly, the weather was just unbelievable. So I decided to give my better half a bit of a surprise and we headed of in the direction of Dumfries & Galloway, the main destination being the Kite feeding station, that being the surprise.
We first made our way along the West side of Loch Ken where by the roadside we saw quite a few of these dark form Pheasants.

This photo doesn't do the colours justice

It wasn't long before the keen-eyed Mrs W spotted the first Kite soaring overhead as we drove along, then the feeding station sign suddenly popped up which kinda gave the game away

I think I've got the idea.

Red Kites not Red Arrows.

A very enjoyable day out, lots of other birds seen on our travels but the Kites dominated the day.

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