Saturday, 2 June 2012

Treshnish Isles 2

The last of the pics from the Treshnish Isles. I left Mrs W sunbathing on the lower terraces while I slogged it to the top of the main cliffs, and it was well worth the leg work.
    The first spectacle that greeted me was the huge flat ledges covered in Guillemots

It really was a stunning sight
And then on closer inspection, it was a nice surprise to find these----
Two  Bridled Guillemots, apparently there is an increase in these the further north you travel, it was a nice find.

And all the while the Fulmars continued to put on a great areal display, gliding effortlessly on straight unmoving wings.
And then a group of very trusting Razorbills

Don't come crashing in on my patch.

And then also on view a few Shags,


They posed beautifully
And one last look at the clown of the sea,

Not really a clown, an incredible bird the Puffin.

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