Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Local birding

Well the lads have discussed the various aspects of the Kite that was seen over our patch (Thacka) and have come to the conclusion that it was a Red Kite, which has now been added to the patch list, the first new comer for a while but  very  welcome.
      For a few years now  Red Kites have been seen drifting into Cumbria mainly from Dumfries & Galloway, where they have had a very successful introduction scheme and from there its just a short flight across the Solway into Cumbria. Also they have started the same scheme in South Lakeland at Grizedale Forest, and the last batch is to be realest this year. So it won't be long before there is a permanent breading population across the whole of Cumbria, and possibly spilling over into Lancashire, fantastic.
         This last few days I have just been pottering about locally and keeping an eye open when out and about with the Westies. The other morning was great as regards the weather, which made a change as its been very changeable of late with a fair amount of rain. So we made our way up to Cowraik, the one good thing about this place, it does have a tendency to stay dryer and better under foot if we have had rain. As we entered the wood Blackcap could be heard but not seen, also Great Spotted Woodpecker and Jays were calling. Then on the edge of the wood I heard a soft agitated call coming from the tree line, so I backed off a bit and waited to see if anything showed. I was just about to give up when this little beauty flew out and perched on last years dead  Willow Herb storks-------

A Garden Warbler feeding young

Note the blue-grey legs

Looks like its got a Crane fly type insect
Another to the year list

And just for a change we will give the Westies a bit of blog space.

Misty having a refreshing drink

And pauses to say hello to Kippy her new blogger friend

Can you touch your nose with your tongue Kippy ?.
Hi Kippy, I'm Kyfer , like me you look a very smart dude 
Keep looking in you may see us again sometime, all the best.

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