Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mixed bag from Leighton Moss

Well been back from Mull a few weeks now, and Penrith doesn't quite produce the same class of goods :-(o. Yes I know its summer now (though you wouldn't think it, rain, wind, flooding in various parts of the country and low temperatures) . and things generally quieten down a bit during this period in the UK, but I bet it doesn't go that quiet on Mull.
       So with not a great deal happening on the patch and outlying area ( although did get a text from Birder John this morning saying a Kite Sp had flown over Thacka reserve, and I reminded him that a Black Kite has been wandering around Cumbria on and off for the last 3 or 4 weeks) I have been heading out of the county.
     The following pics are from 2 visits to Leighton Moss one with Mrs W and once on my own. when my wife and I went down the weather was still holding good,  and the Marsh Harriers were showing well.

And here the food pass had just taken place, the male passing a small bird or chick of some kind to the female, she then takes it down to the young in the reeds
The usual noise greeted anyone entering the Lillian hide with all the Black-headed Gulls, some with chicks, food for the Harriers methinks.

A Wren was giving good song as we walked along one of the paths, in fact it wasn't the usual call, and before I saw it I thought it could have been something else, but then saw it actually singing and it did sound strange.

Lapwing from the Grizedale hide before we moved on to the Allen hide and watched these little beauties------
A pair of Avocets with their 4 chicks

As can be seen some of the chicks are more advanced and are fending for themselves

It was great to watch them, as they kept sweeping their little turned up bill from side to side.

They have done very well this year with getting on for 40 young.   its been an incredible success story since the first pair were found breeding in the South East in the 1940s I believe.

While on a neighbouring pool this Heron was having a good preen.

A week later A Spoonbill turned up, having missed the one on the Solway I decided to go down for a second visit in the hope of adding this to my year list. (and no this can't be classed as a twitch, as I don't twitch honest ;-)), ) This time I was more fortunate although as can be seen from the first pic it was a good distance away.

To give you some idea, this was taken with a 500mm lens. so I switch lenses and digiscoped it.


Look at the size of that bill, you could use that for canoeing.

Just looks like a paddle.
And from another hide a female Tufted Duck wing stretching and a ------

Coot having a wash and brush up. and lastly ------

A distant and sleepy Garganey added to the year list, as was a Reed Warbler, but no pic.

So not a bad day with three birds added to the year list, not too bad considering the weather was atrocious, and a total contrast to the week before. Good job I was on my own as I don't think it would have gone down too well with Mrs W.


  1. Olá amiguinho...
    fiquei muito feliz com sua visita em meu bloguinho, espero que tenha gostado e volte sempre, será sempre bem recebido.
    Ótima semana com muita alegria, paz, saúde e DIVERSÃO!!
    Fique com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijso 1000 com carinho...


    1. Thank you for that Lilly and a special thank you to you Kippy, I hope you like our little dogs, Kyfer and Misty.
      Although my blog is mainly for birds, I sometimes put photos of the dogs, and I will be doing so in my next post.
      So keep a look out Kippy to see two new friends.
      Thank you again, and all the very best, Gordon.


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