Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shrike all great and grey

Went up to the flood first thing with the Westies, typical yesterday I gave the scope its first outing for a while and there was very little about. just 4 Lapwing 2 Black-headed Gulls, a flock of over a hundred Starlings with 9 Fieldfare mixing in with them. This morning about 100 Lapwings gull numbers up, and I was wishing I had the scope because I was detecting movement where the Snipe usually hang out, but a bit much with bins and dodgy eyes. The was also a few mallard on the water. So hopefully with the thaw and milder weather more birds will start to move in.
Great Grey Shrike, distant shot.

By 10-45am Mrs W and myself set off for Long Marton in search of reported Great Grey Shrike. We arrived at the area where it had been last seen, but there wasn't much room for parking, so I decided to move further up the road to the junction for Knock and as I was turning Mrs W   said what is that bird on the phone wire? I grabbed the bins and sure enough there the little beauty was, job done and a life tick, thanks Roy!!!.

It very kindly hung around to get these few record shots , Fantastic not half way through January yet and 2 life ticks.

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