Thursday, 6 January 2011

A good start to the New Year.

Red-necked Grebe winter plumage.
There has been nothing on Thacka flood for weeks now, about 4 Lapwings standing on water covered ice one day and that was about it. Small flocks of Goldfinch from time to time, one or two Fieldfare now and then, and occasionally a Kestrel has been about and that's about it. Lean pickings indeed, so a change of scenery was on the cards and in spite of the weather being poor in Cumbria first  thing I decided to head off down to Fairhaven lake in Lancs. to have a peep at this little beauty.

It was bad driving over Shap on the M6, but as usual drove into sunny weather in Lancashire. in fact anyone taking pics of the grebe were up against the sun as it was putting the bird in shadow  so patience was needed.

No one had cause to complain though, but I did overhear an argument going on as to whether or not the bird was an adult or first winter young, (give me strength) its a Red-necked Grebe and that's enough for me.

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