Thursday, 16 December 2010

Thrushes and sunsets

Walking the Westies up at the patch this morning in driving hail and snow, and in no time at all it was sticking on the roads. I heard a Blackbird call and saw a couple of gulls fly over and that was it, as at times it was almost a whiteout. However as the morning progressed it cleared and back home I managed to do a few small jobs on the car. Mrs W had the day off today so just after lunch we made our way over to the lads at Flusco. They had had quite a bit more snow over there and it had also started to freeze. We had just gone over the first cattle grid of their drive, when Mrs W spotted Redwings pecking about in the snow not far from the car. At first I tried to get some pics from the car, but this wasn't working, and of course as soon as I got out of the car they soon get nervous and they are away. it was the same also with the Fieldfares, altogether there must have been a mixed flock of up to a hundred.

Redwing struggling to find seed in the snow.

Fieldfare in setting sun.


One day I'll get the hang of this camera as regards sunsets!!

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