Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A trip over to Keswick

Sod off this is my post.
Just before lunch yesterday I set off again this time with my Daughter, making our way over to Keswick. The main reason to buy another thermal, and also to go down to the Ismus and have a crack with my mate Les. After calling in the main mountain shops we headed down to the lake and the boat landings. The lake was completely froze over and looked really great as did the mountains, but they hadn't had that early morning mist that we had had in Penrith , so the trees were just bare and lacked any winter decoration.

There was quite a few Black-headed Gulls round the landings on the lookout for food.

Also one or two Crows.

This Black-headed Gull is almost in summer plumage,
something wrong here me thinks.

2 views looking down the lake

Also while walking through the Ismus wood my Daughter spotted a grey squirrel, which we have yet to report.

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