Monday, 20 December 2010

Quiet days

Beech & Oak keep hold of their leaves in spite of the frost

Very little moving on the patch yesterday or today, Quiet days not good. This morning a flock of 30 Lapwings circled the flood, but only 4 landed on ice covered flood. All through the year there has been 2 to 300 Lapwings on the flood where have they all gone, maybe they are feeding nearer to the coast.

A lone Buzzard flying through a semi misty gloom, it was later mobbed by a Crow.

General view over Penrith yesterday.

Still the dominant bird on the patch is the Blackbird, always lots foraging about in the snow.
Back in the yard we are inundated with Starlings, a few Chaffinches, and on the bird table, Blue tit, Coal tit, Robin, and below one of a pair of our year round visitors.

Collared Dove

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