Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Things are on the change

Had a look in at the flood these last couple of days, John had found a juvenile Little Ring Plover and it was still there yesterday morning mixing in with the Lapwings, but then somthng spooked everything and when everthing settled again there was no sign of it. Then last night there was a female Tufted duck, not much you might think , but for the flood this is an event :-) .

Quite light looking Buzzard, at Flusco.

I had a ride over to my mate at Flusco on Sunday and while I was there three Buzzards circled overhead for a while, could have been a family group, the one above looked quite pale compared to the others.
Back at the flood this morning the Tufted  was still there , and there are now getting on for 200 Lapwings. Still about 30 Mallard, only 1 Stock Dove about this morning. Yesterday morning there was about 30 or so Goldfinches feeding on the seeding thistles, nice to see good numbers of them

My mate Kieth has got himself a new pet

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