Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Little happening at the flood

Very little happening on the flood
Herring Gull
at the moment, we have a regular 100 or so Lapwings and fairly regular amount of Mallard usually around 20-30, and apart from a few Moorhens that's about it. The other morning I thought things had really taken a turn for the worst, because when I arrived at the flood there was nothing on at all.
  Scanning round with the bins I soon found the reason, a Buzzard had just landed in the small tree on the edge of the flood and had cleared everything out. A Magpie flew into the tree to mob the Buzzard but had no effect and the Buzzard just sat there and ignored it. And sadly this is all the excitement there has been in weeks of patching.
        I've had a few sorties into other parts of the lakes looking at various rivers and becks but nothing was found. I  need to get out of the county for a while, just to see some decent birds.

Herring Gull

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