Monday, 30 August 2010

A round up

Last Thursday Mrs W and myself had a ride down to Martin Mere and was surprised to find how quiet it was , both as regards people and birds. Its the first time I've been in the Ron Barker hide to find only one other person in there. Apparently we had just missed 3 Wood Sandpiper  and also a Kingfisher, (storey of my life) However there was still about 15 Ruff showing well and 1 Snipe peeping out of some sedge. A small party of  Tree Sparrows was outside the Raines Observatory, and there was quite a number of Black-headed Gulls on the reserve. There was very little to focus the camera on apart from common stuff.
Juvenile Moorhen beside the path
Red Admiral, the only butterfly seen all day.

Heron from the Raines Observatory

We had lunch while we were there and then moved on to Meresands wood, it wasn't much different there. It was our first visit to this place and although it was very quiet its obviously got potential as regards wild fowl in winter.

This is the fruit of the plant Lords & Ladies
(Arum Maculatum) also called Cuckoo Pint
found at Meresands wood.

Friday gave my Daughter a chance to have a bit of driving practice and She drove  over to Greystoke Forrest, another quiet day as regards birds , we heard Jay, Raven, and Crow and that was about it. A nice surprise was finding 2 brilliantly vibrant Poppies one of which below


On Saturday I had a ride over to my mate at Keswick and kept him company while he worked, repairing rowing boats on the Ismas Derwent Water. The weather was very bad on the way over but by the time I got there it started to clear and eventually the sun came out and in turn so did the camera, results below.

Still looking a bit brooding, Derwent Water
the first summit of Catbells & Robinson.

The sun now making and effort, Catbells
both summits.

And lastly making the most of the sun with
this arty farty shot.

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