Monday, 9 August 2010

Imagin my surprise (no scope needed)

The day started off like most days, breakfast, feed the Westies, and sort everything out to give them a walk and a spot of birding combined. So we pile into the car and make our way up to Thacka and the flood. Imagine my surprise, I'm still 200 yards away from the flood and my way is blocked by thousands of people. Getting out of the car I start asking people whats going on, most of them are incoherent and babbling about some huge bird that had landed on the flood. I'm thinking huge bird? Great White? Spoonbill? My mind is racing, and then suddenly I'm feeling a bit mift, why hadn't John text me or given me a bell?.
          The crowd by now, I estimated to be getting on for maybe a thousand all jostling and pushing, one or two falling and in danger of being crushed. 
          I thought sod this, and so did something I don't normally do exercised my position and authority and produced my Thacka flood platinum pass. Immediately a pathway started to open up and I eventually got to the front of the crowd. Some people at the front where starting to cry saying "that's the last one they have all gone now " , what do you mean its the last one what are you talking about . Its just swallowed the last lapwing, 115 gone. I looked up to see what they were talking about, it was there no scope needed, it was huge, and the last Lapwing was just sliding down its throat. Then suddenly it lifted its wings, and the crowd (now well over 1001 ) gasped as one, thinking they could be next in line, the pudding after the main course. then it lifted into the air showering the throng with mud and water, and after circling round twice it left heading over the M6 and west in the direction of Orlando!!.

 This is what happens when nothing changes on the patch for days, the rot sets in and it effects the mind. Seriously there has been very little change for days now, the usual 100 or so Lapwings and about 40 Mallard. The odd one or two gulls drop in or a couple of Oystercatchers , and that's about it, oh a Great Spotted Woodpecker flew over yesterday morning.
          Last night my Daughter and I had a ride over to Tewet tarn (near castlerigg stone circle) in the past I have had various sighting around the area , nothing last night apart from a Snipe lifting from under my feet by the track.
        The  sunsets were good and the Westies enjoyed another outing.

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