Sunday, 20 June 2010

Warm sunny morning up Thacka

Made my way up to Thacka and the flood this morning taking Misty & Kyfer with me. It was nice to see John was already there scanning the flood, but had nothing unusual to report. The 2 Moorhen chicks are maturing well, but its worrying to see all the young mallard scattered all over the flood and I fear some have already been predated by the Black-backs. At a distance on one of the pylons there was a Buzzard and a second one circling above it.
       On heavily vegetated ground close to the M6 John picked up first 1 Sedge Warbler then another two, these were closely followed by 2 Whitethroats on fencing bordering the M6 I don't think I would have found them if John hadn't have been there, Thanks for that John.

The Westies enjoyed their run about and didn't stray too far when I was engrossed in birding. They don't like the heat though and once back home they have a good drink then collapse.

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