Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A walk with the Westies

Had a walk around Thacka this morning, fairly quiet really, a couple of Song Thrush singing in the light rain, and 2 Dunnocks in the hedge along the top track.
       On the flood things were similar, the 3 Moorhen chicks are still going strong and getting quite tall, they look all legs at the moment. However it was a surprise to see a Mallard with three well developed young, where did they suddenly come from?. Also a lone Herring Gull , 3 Lapwing, could be more out of sight as the vegetation is getting quite long now. there was quite a few male Mallard chilling out on the mud.
        After the heavy rain of the last couple of days (some places in Penrith had to be pumped out) I was expecting the flood to be high again , but there didn't seem to be much difference.
        Everywhere is looking very fresh and beautiful , the Hawthorn is in full bloom and the scent of it makes the years roll back, and I find myself reminiscing about childhood days. They say we only remember the good times and maybe its true to some extent. As a kid though the sun always seem to be shinning and only paused for the occasional thunderstorm, and we use to playing out till it went dark , some times later, then you came in had a saany (sandwich) and a mug of drinking chocolate and went to bed. What, wash your hands, whats the point ? they'll only get dirty again tomorrow.

                                         Rock Pipit, St Agnes.

Wren in full cry, St Agnes.

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