Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mud Mud not so glorious

                                   Two views from Eric Morecambe hide.

Started the day off by taking the dogs out, going up to the flood. 2 Moorhen chicks doing really well now, one Mallard left with 1 young out of 3, but then another appeared with 9 hatchlings. Lapwings are beginning to come back to the flood with about a dozen this morning.
        Back home I dropped the dogs off and headed South for Leighton Moss, on arrival I went straight to the marsh hides, and couldn't believe my eyes, everywhere was a sea of mud. So if anyone is thinking of going to the marsh hides don't bother.
        I quickly headed back to the centre where at the Grizedale hide there was masses of Blacktail Godwits, two Little Egrets, all the usual water birds that is normally on show, plus this Red Deer hind.

          From the Public hide on the causeway the Marsh Harriers were showing well , with 4 in the air at once. It helps when the weather is good as it was today. 

                            &  Blue-Tail Damselfly 
Blue Damselfly 

  Both found at the dipping pond .                                                                                                                                 

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