Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The colour Red

A rare sight these days but we came across this Red Squirrel near Grange in Borrowdale. When I say we, I was accompanied by Mrs W and the daughter fresh home from Oxford uni having finished her 3 year sentence, and now signed up to join the ranks of the unwashed ,unemployed, spongers.
       So yes we are in Borrowdale home to my favourite lake in my favourite valley, and where I lived for 8 years of my life in a house practically on the shore at Derwent Bay which belonged to the Lingholm estate.
        At one period while I lived there I had 7 different Red Squirrels coming to my feeder at the kitchen window. each one had a mark to distinguish it from the others. And one day from a window I saw 2 Hawfinches hopping about not far from the front door. The wild life was unbelievable, all the usual mammals, then the Roe deer seen all the time, Badgers and Fox.
         I called in to see my mate at Faw Park which is the next estate to Lingholm, near Portinscale and in a week He had shot 3 Greys ,  they are doing a tremendous amount of damage in the fruit and veg garden. They see very few Reds these days, and they use to get loads.
         Back to the river walk, also these others pics below.

Red Damselfly                                                                                  
                                                     And Demoiselle. (My Daughter)


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