Monday, 7 August 2017

Photo tour of Penrith part one

Partly due to the lack of bird pics, and also to give people the opportunity to see at least some parts  of the town I live in.
     The first thing anyone sees when walking out of the train station on arrival in Penrith is the castle, (or I should say what remains of it) unless that is they cast their eyes to the left, in which case they can feast their eyes on MacDonald's, yea.

Apparently a guy by the name of Ralph Nevill built it in the 14th century in an effort to defend the area against the Scots.  Now what I find hard to get my head round is this, at this period we where apparently still having battles with the Scots, yet a century earlier Merton Collage Oxford (where my Daughter got her degree then Masters) had already been built, so what where they teaching then, sword play and castle building.
 after the Nevills the castle became the property of Richard Duke of Gloucester, later Richard 111 of England.

View from the South
view from the North, the Scots would have come from the North, LOL
How thoughtful of Richard, must have employed some good sign writers too.
"A strong castle for Kings" the sign reads, REALLY?
Bridge over what use to be the moat, now if some dipstick put the bridge there in Richards time , its no wonder we only have a ruin today,!!
Next to the castle and again right opposite the station is the entrance to the town park

And a bowls match on between the park team and one of the outlying villages.
The pavilion, and Dickie's ruin in the background.
From the rose beds.

More park bedding, Marigolds.

Still in the park a monument to the fallen.

Closer view
Park band stand.

Park paddling pool, mmmmmm seems to be something missing.

Park drinking fountain, ditto.
Erected specially for the Scots.


  1. Hello, Wonderful tour and views of your town. The castle ruins are neat, pretty park and flowers. Great collection of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  2. Thanks for the tour of the remains of Dickie's place!!! & thanks for the chuckles at the expense of local dipsticks!! Lol!

  3. Beautiful place and lovely series of photos with amazing history ~ also gorgeous floral photos too! ^_^

  4. Great shots of castle ruins. Beautiful garden.

  5. I enjoyed the tour of your town -- so amazing to me to live within sight of this kind of history -- as you know we live in the newest part of the new world (at least as far as what we know as western civilization -- although i am no longer sure that word should apply to our country).....(more than a little upset about the political situation here/just hope democracy and civilization survive).... Oops, I got off on a tangent there -- your town is so interesting -- it's a fun part of blogging for me to see where people live. What happened to the water?

  6. Thanks Gordon. Fir taking us with you on this walk round your patch. Very interesting

  7. Beautiful images Gordon, you're on the way up.

  8. Like the blue sky background. I've only been there once and the rain was unbelievable. At least you have a castle, just think of all those other towns that have had to go without a castle to call their own.

  9. Well, I would like to arrive at your town an bump into the ruins of a castle and a beautiful park. What a joy to live in such a beautiful place! #OurWorldTuesday

  10. You chose a lovely sunny day for your pictures Gordon. That last picture reminded me of the only occasion we visited Penrith - a camping weekend in Ullswater many years ago. But I do remember the grand castle and thinking how it was a lovely quiet place in which to live. Hope you enjoyed your paddle when no one was looking.

  11. Amazing history and beautiful photos!!

  12. I am always interested to see really old buildings (and ruins), since the USA is a relatively young country.
    Beautiful flowers!
    Have a great week-end!

  13. So nice tour at this historic site; a lovely place to have a visit!
    A pleasant weekend!

  14. it's so beautiful, so historic!! what a shame to have a mcdonalds right across the street. perhaps the area should have been preserved for a garden, something that would compliment the ruins!!! looks like you live in a beautiful area!!!


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