Thursday, 3 August 2017

A new addition to the family

A few years ago when I worked with my two mates Symon and Keith, Keith had a female Polecat amongst other things including two dogs, three cats and various parakeets. out of all the animals only the parakeets where caged, and from time to time the polecat.
   We work from what had once been a small farm yard and any of the animals that could roam free where allowed to do so , including from time to time the polecat who's name by the way was Babe. Keith lived on site so their freedom was continuous, if Babe wasn't in her cage in one of the outbuilding she had the freedom of the house. very often when I was in work I would have my two with me Kyfer and Misty, all getting on very well.

Misty with Pudding one of the cats.

With the carvings , even the bears where friendly.

And Kyfer with Babe , at this point she is in the Kakariki cage, I know you had to see it to believe it.
I forgot to mention there was also hens and ducks knocking about.
    At this stage its all about Babe, because I went into work one morning to find Keith upset, why the long face I asked , Babe has gone missing, she has somehow got out of her cage and just gone. Now generally speaking when this happens you have lost your polecat.
    Three days later when I went in, Keith was back to his happy self, its good to see he's got over it I thought. However the reason for his joy Babe is back, she had woke him up at three in the morning scratching at the door wanting to be let in. Not only was she back but as it later transpired she was pregnant !!!. Somewhere out there in the surrounding fields and woodland she had  found a male friend, and a good looking one judging by all the kits she produced with really good markings.
    Amazingly this wasn't a one off , as she disappeared for a second time with the same results. Keith use to handle all the kits from an early age, consequently there was no biting from them. I was seriously thinking of having one of the kits from the second litter, but didn't go through with it.
    For some time after that period I regretted not having one of the kits, so a few weeks back I set too and built a cage, and a fortnight ago when my Daughter was home we went in search of a polecat. We found a litter for sale about 50 mile from us , so drove over to have a  look, with the result.

Meet Bandit the new addition to the household
A nine week old bundle of fun and a torment.
The first couple of days must have been a bit stressful for him, having been snatched away from his siblings and everything that was familiar, and brought into a strange new world. consequently my fingers where blooded a few times, thankfully with gentle training we are past that stage, and he now tends to hold rather than bite.

Even at 8 to 9 weeks old they have rather sharp and needle like teeth.
It is not easy to photograph him as he is so active, just won't keep still long enough.
I'll try and do better.


  1. I had heard the term polecat many years ago but didn't know it was a real animal. Very interesting. Thanks.

  2. A beautiful story Gordon and a beautiful new addition :-)
    This bunzing is also very beautiful in color. Very nice to read this reader :-)

    Have another nice evening.
    Greetings, Helma

  3. Cute wee critter but those are sharp teeth!
    Bandit seems like a good name and he has the markings to match!

  4. Hello, the polecat is a cute critter. I also love the cute dog and kitty. Great story and photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  5. Hari OM
    Well if that isn't the awsomest bundle of hazard potential ever!!! Nice to meet you Gordon. Cheers frae the Bonny Land... YAM xx

  6. Hello, great variety of critters. Being a dog lover, Misty is a cutie. I like the wooden carvings. The Polecat is an interesting animals. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. well, you are the first person I've ever heard of with a polecat for a pet. But, I see that your polecats look different than the ones in the U. S. and the ones here put up an awful stink. You wouldn't want them around.

  8. Well that's a first for me Gordon, knowing someone with a pet polecat. Well now you have me well and truly hooked and i will be looking in to see how bandit progresses in your obviously capable but now slighly scarred hands.

  9. Hello Gordon,
    Beautiful series of photos, I love the pictures of the dog and the cat.
    Photo 3 is my favorite.
    Best regards, Irma

  10. In America, a polecat is a term for a skunk. I did know people who owned some de-scented skunks once and they were so cute. Your animal is a ferret, and adorable! Glad everyone was getting along. Babe is a sneaky one isn't sh! :-)

  11. My daughter would like bandit! And she would not be alone.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. Dear Gordon,
    Wow, what an adventure with all the critters.
    Ouch, sorry that you got bitten by your new pet Babe.
    Are they the same as a Ferret? Cute looking but they seem almost to active for being domesticated.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Okay, Babe is the one you already had and Bandit is the new baby, got that wrong here above... Sorry!

  13. Gordon -- what fun! Bandit is going to keep you pretty busy for a while. he is so cute. I had to go visit Mr Google after I read the post because I didn't know what a polecat was really. In the American west it is used sometimes to refer to a skunk (the animal or -- in old western movies I remember -- the human variety of one (the 'bad guy')..... neither of which, obviously, should even be compared to this cute animal. You are going to have so much fun.

  14. cool. I hope it will work out well :) Bandit is a cutie.

  15. Bandit is adorable and I am sure he's full of mischeif

  16. oooooh bandit, how sweet!! you managed some great pictures!!!


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