Monday, 4 November 2013

Walking the Westies

Took the camera with me this morning when walking the Westies, the main reason for this was the fact that we had had the first real frost of the season, and I was hoping for some good shots. Its better if there has been a mist with the frost, but not this morning. So the following photos are just a general sample of the walk.

Looking S-E  towards the big house, the frost beginning to melt as the sun took over.

Clear blue sky and a white frost make for good walking days, looking N-E , the tree in the photo is an Ash, which has taken some punishment from wind over the years, bur I haven't seen any sign of Ash die back.

And a few pics of the little Westies on the top track.

Misty & Kyfer

Kyfer scanning the field

Frost on Nettle

Sycamore caught on wire, also caught the frost.

Shadow fun.

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