Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Sparrow surprise

Up fairly early this morning, breakfasted then out with the Westies I had just got them out of the car when I spotted a guy with a lab, about to take the same route, so I took a left turn where I would normally take a right to let the guy get ahead of us and in doing so you get a different angle on the Flash. If I hadn't have done so I may not have seen the 2 Greylags with 2 fluffy young. This is strange because there has been no sign of  them anywhere near the flash till now, and even when the female was sitting, the area is so open someone would have seen the male on guard somewhere, but no not a sign, strange.
      Later I called round to see Keith at Flusco and while He was making a cup of tea for us I was looking through His office window at the feeders and suddenly 2 Tree Sparrows came onto them. Luckily I had my camera with me and fired a few shots off before they disappeared.

The images are a bit fuzzy as they are taken through double glazing

And this cheeky little fellow (a Robin on a horse) keeps coming into the boat work shop on the Isthmus over at Keswick.

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