Saturday, 7 April 2012

Real estate on the Isthmus

Saturday and another trip over to spend the day with Les on the Isthmus. unfortunately the day got off to a sad start, as news came over to us that all the launches had been broken into with windows smashed and the CD players stolen from every boat. So as soon as forensics had finished doing their work, Les had to start sorting repair work out. Carl  went over to Penrith to get glass for the windows, while Les set to cleaning all the frames and preparing for the glass. Even so two launches went out before the glass arrived,  time is money but it would be a  drafty ride to say the least.
         Eventually every thing was put right and we could get back to birding, and real estate, yes 3 nests so far one already occupied, and 2 under construction.

Female Mallard all snug and warm in her own knitted duvet sitting on a clutch of eggs.

Nest number 2 in construction, female Chaffinch, she kept bringing nest material then shaping the cup with her body.

The outside consists of moss, lichen, and cobwebs, and she was lining it with feathers.
And nest number 3 also under construction. Right where does this bit go?.
OK pass the next bit up, we are running out of time.

Does my bum look big in  this?.

Tight squeeze but it'll have to do.
Sure this is a good idea ?, its looking like rain
And through it all we did have a bit of rain, not too much with a little sun. unfortunately the forecast  for the next few days looks poor, so this could slow the listing quest down.

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