Saturday, 15 October 2011


Had early morning text from John, saying female Wigeon on the reserve, and also hundreds of Fieldfares and Redwings flying over.
          Mrs W is working up at the rugby club today, so I gave her a lift there then went on with the Westies to Cowraik nature reserve, the Westies enjoyed the early  morning sun.

The view across the vale of Eden to Cross fell the highest of the Pennine range
As can be seen it was quite misty looking across to the Pennines, but it was lovely and warm in the sun. Also there was lots of  Red Admiral butterflies enjoying the sun, and they were still looking good.

Red Admiral
I heard but didn't see Great Spotted Woodpecker,  and also Ravens overhead, as well as Crows and Jackdaws, but that was about it apart from the occasional Robin.

The Oak trees are loaded with acorns, in fact everywhere I go I see the hedgerows loaded with fruit, Apples, Sloes, Hawthorn, Rose hips, and Elderberry. such a rich harvest for the birds.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Thacka area

Thacka beck reserve , high water levels
Photo of part of the Thacka beck reserve, not a great deal about apart from a count of 11 Moorhens visible, possibly more in vegetation. Also a few Black-headed Gulls present, and 1 Common Gull .

Common Gull in the company of Mallard, 
Up at the Flash this last few days, there has more signs of infill going on, yet some days there has been as many as 200+ Lapwings still around. There has also been more Blackbirds about so maybe some early arrivals from abroad.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Birds on the Isthmus

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Spent the day on the Isthmus over at Keswick with Les, a good variety of birds about today including this woodpecker. Quite a few Nuthatches about and Treecreepers, then the more common such as Blue tit, Great tit, Coal tit, Crows. and on the water Greylags Goosanders, lots of Mallard and Black-headed Gulls. The weather was pretty grim very low cloud covering the fells down to about 500ft.

Great tit
Haven't been on the local patch for a while , but a text from Roy yesterday said the male Mandarin is back on Thacka pond.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Disaster on the patch

The only water left on the Flood

When we arrived back from our hols.  a walk up to the Flood revealed a quite shocking scene, a massive reduction in water levels. Apparently the land owner has decided to drain it and fill it in, this is a very upsetting situation. You only have to look at our patch list to see the amount of birds this area pulled in over the last few years. Its nothing short of a disaster both for the wildlife and anyone that has been watching the area.   I'll keep you updated on the situation.

One of the many House Sparrows I fed from our accommodation

And a juvenile Herring Gull in rubbish bin , Tenby

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A break for Hols.

Two views of Pembroke castle

This kinda gives  it away as regards where we spent our holiday, Pembrokeshire,
Quite the touristy type holiday and little or nothing on the birding side of things, the only highlight on  the birding front was a flock of 12 choughs in one area we visited.

2 of the 12 choughs
I did put a load of bird food outside the self catering we were staying in, and this attracted about 24 or so house sparrows, a couple of Great tits a Hedge sparrow, and this little creature

Mr or Mrs Rat, in fact sometimes 2 appeared. 
However we saw no sign of the Badger that had apparently been seen, even though I stayed up late some nights camera at the ready.

A type of  Garden spider, but not sure what kind, was found while Mrs W was paying for the car parking,
As regards Pembrokeshire, it has a beautiful coast line but move inland and it all gets a bit mundane and flat. the trouble is we get a bit spoiled living in Cumbria. It dose make up for that as regards its history and there are numerous castles to visit if that's your thing. The weather didn't help as it was pretty grim while we were there, and then we come home and have a heatwave.