Saturday, 15 October 2011


Had early morning text from John, saying female Wigeon on the reserve, and also hundreds of Fieldfares and Redwings flying over.
          Mrs W is working up at the rugby club today, so I gave her a lift there then went on with the Westies to Cowraik nature reserve, the Westies enjoyed the early  morning sun.

The view across the vale of Eden to Cross fell the highest of the Pennine range
As can be seen it was quite misty looking across to the Pennines, but it was lovely and warm in the sun. Also there was lots of  Red Admiral butterflies enjoying the sun, and they were still looking good.

Red Admiral
I heard but didn't see Great Spotted Woodpecker,  and also Ravens overhead, as well as Crows and Jackdaws, but that was about it apart from the occasional Robin.

The Oak trees are loaded with acorns, in fact everywhere I go I see the hedgerows loaded with fruit, Apples, Sloes, Hawthorn, Rose hips, and Elderberry. such a rich harvest for the birds.

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