Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A break for Hols.

Two views of Pembroke castle

This kinda gives  it away as regards where we spent our holiday, Pembrokeshire,
Quite the touristy type holiday and little or nothing on the birding side of things, the only highlight on  the birding front was a flock of 12 choughs in one area we visited.

2 of the 12 choughs
I did put a load of bird food outside the self catering we were staying in, and this attracted about 24 or so house sparrows, a couple of Great tits a Hedge sparrow, and this little creature

Mr or Mrs Rat, in fact sometimes 2 appeared. 
However we saw no sign of the Badger that had apparently been seen, even though I stayed up late some nights camera at the ready.

A type of  Garden spider, but not sure what kind, was found while Mrs W was paying for the car parking,
As regards Pembrokeshire, it has a beautiful coast line but move inland and it all gets a bit mundane and flat. the trouble is we get a bit spoiled living in Cumbria. It dose make up for that as regards its history and there are numerous castles to visit if that's your thing. The weather didn't help as it was pretty grim while we were there, and then we come home and have a heatwave.

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