Sunday, 11 September 2011

Young above and below

Keith's bantam hatched 8 chicks
Yesterday I went up to the Flash first thing giving the Westies a walk at the same time. The flash has been drained considerably, possibly to stop it flooding the near-by farm. In doing so it has completely changed the dynamics of the area, it has made it less attractive to wildfowl but more attractive to waders.
       This morning however there wasn't much of anything, apart from a count of approx. 100 Lapwings, the gulls seem to be spending their time on the new reserve.
        Later in the day I went over to see Keith and it was a nice surprise to find his bantam had been successful, as can be seen from pics

While I was taking pics of these I heard twittering above me and looking up I found these 2 young Swallows looking down watching me.

At one point while stood chatting outside a Crossbill started calling from a Larch tree above us, then flew round to the back of the house and lost to view.

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