Monday, 5 September 2011

Another sunny morning

Juvenile greenfinch
Had a walk along Thacka lane this morning heading for the motorway tunnel, and taking the Westies for a longer walk for a change. The sun was really warm again but even so the time of year shows a slight decline in insects about.

However this hover fly, which I now know to be a Marmalade, was enjoying this Geranium in the grass verge.
As we past the farm there was quite a few Swallows about and House Sparrows.

A family of house Sparrows, there was quite a few more than this flying about.
A sign of things to come, this is a species of Maple I found in the wood by the M6.
If we get the right conditions it could be a colourful Autumn, fingers crossed.
 Still no Buzzards about but 2 Kestrels in different parts of the walk. Again looking at the Flash from a distance there didn't seem to be anything about. May try and scope it in the morning, weather permitting.

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