Monday, 18 January 2010

Thacka & Penrith nature reserve

Had a walk round Thacka yesterday morning , along the hawthorns there was still some Bramblings about mixing with the Chaffinches, there was also some Goldfinch along the same stretch and 1 Fieldfare . On the bottom flood (still a sheet of ice) the mixed flock of gulls were still there and that was about it .
In the afternoon Mrs W and I had a walk round the nature reserve just off Beacon Edge rd. the whole wood was quiet until we came across a mixed flock of tits which included 2 Goldcrest . unfortunately there was only one of the flock that stayed still long enough to get a pic. of , the Great tit. There other pics are of the Westies Kyfer & Misty enjoying the snow before it all melted, although there is still plenty on the Lake fells and the Pennines.

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