Thursday, 28 January 2010

Out and about in the car

Mrs W and I went for a tour around in the car this afternoon, making our way firstly up to Hartside. Long before we reached the top we had hit the mist, and so I wasn't expecting to see much. We continued our journey heading in the direction of Alston, and slowly got below the mist line, soon after seeing our first Black Grouse. Shortly after this we took a left hand turn and headed into Northumberland, and more grouse. This time a small party of 5 males they looked really good, but soon got nervous once the camera came out.
              Next we had a quick look in at Talkin tarn and found what for me is probably the largest roost of gulls I have ever seen , there was also a good selection of wildfowl including Goosander and Goldeneye.
              All in all not a bad afternoon.

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