Monday, 19 October 2009

Thacka flood & Soddy Gap 18th

I arrived at the flood to find it very quiet indeed and the only thing visible with the naked eye was a Common gull . I had just located 3 snipe with the scope, they were in the usual place in the sedge when John turned up, another local birder. The crack was good and He was telling me about the things He has seen on there lately, such as another Black-tailed Godwit, or even more amazing the 6 Whooper swans that turned up the other day. While we chatted a Great spotted woodpecker flew over.
At about 10am I left to make my way over to Soddy Gap in the west of the county. On my way over I saw 2 Buzzards one flew over the car near Threlkeld and the second flew along the road in front of the car near Gt. Broughton. I could hear the geese before I saw them , then when I reached the water there they were about 200 of them Greylags. apart from them there was some Teal, Mallard, Tufted, Coot, Moorhen, about 20 Black-headed gulls and 1 Med. gull. not a bad day apart from the weather which wasn't too great , dull with drizzle.
Pheasants feeding on winter wheat.

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