Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Pic. Mr. W overlooking his favorite lake.
Been up to the Thacka flood a few times over the last few days and there has been nothing out of the ordinary, always a good roost of Black-headed gulls and usually a few Common gulls mixed in with them. Also nearly always a large flock of Lapwings usually about 200.
The water level has risen again slightly, making it less likely that we will see any Snipe or other waders. There has been a Kestrel hunting the area , not seen one up there for a while, and also a flock of mixed finches, mainly Chaffinches . Still no sign of the usual large flocks of Redwings or Fieldfares , something strange going on this Autumn, all I can think is that the food supply in the Scandinavian countries must be very good this year , so no need to rush over here.
All for GW.

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