Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mid morning round Thacka

There was a very fine drizzle settling everywhere and it showed up all the cobwebs on the local muck- heap, no idea what species of spider they could be but the webs were a couple of feet square and there was lots of them.
           The colours are begining to show on some of the trees, and it looks as though we are going to get a good show towards the end of the month and into November, providing the weather stays calm.
            The hedges were teeming with Blackbirds this morning , there was dozens of them everywhere. Also saw 3 Hedge sparrows ,2 robins , There was also a few Goldfinches about but only in ones and twos not the usual small flocks one usually sees them in.
           On the flood there was good numbers of gulls Black-headed and a few Common, but nothing like the numbers of Lapwings.  There was however 3 snipe visible and could have been more hidden in the rushes.

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