Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Eric Morecambe hide

In spite of the inclement weather I decided to have a trip down to Lancashire to see if anything was about. It was quite bad for waders on two accounts, firstly with all the rain and then last nights high tide with a following wind, it had flooded the marsh making it hard for the waders to feed consequently not many about. Secondly a Peregrine hunting over the two pools kept spooking the waders mainly Black tailed Godwits and a few Red Shank . The Ruddy Shelduck was still there and a mixed flock of Green Finch-Gold Finch kept landing on the thistles growing on the bank between the two pools, but were having trouble battling the wind.

Back at my local flood pool, Thaka, it is a similar story, with too much water and no mud showing to attract the waders. Picture is part of the Thaka flood, the horses can be a problem sometimes.

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