Sunday, 2 August 2009

North East Cumbria 31st July

A day of exploring , birding, and for a change a day out for the Westies. We pottered North along the A6 and made our way to Tolkin tarn (didn't find any rings,) (I know different spelling ) or for that matter many birds.

There was a mixture of ducks near the visitor centre mallard as usual being the most in number, there was also a few Coot about and Moorhen, Female mallard with newly hatched chicks, and these two ducks about the size of Teal but of unknown make or origin, maybe some kind of cross ?.

Next we headed for Tindale tarn (definitely no tin) ,this is in a beautiful area on the edge of the moors and comes under the RSPB Geltsdale umbrella. The tarn is quite isolated and quiet so attracts quite a bit of wildfowl and other things. This was our first rece of the area and unfortunately approached it from the wrong side, and so couldn't get close enough to do it justice. And as we had left the scope in the car we only had bins to scan with, the one thing of note was a Black swan which had been seen previously at Tolkin tarn and isn't that far for it to commute to Tindale. So now we know the area a visit in the Autumn is definitely one for the diary.

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