Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Birding local patch, plus Cumbria

Out and about this last few days , firstly on the flood at Thacker, c.100 Lapwing, c.50 Oystercatcher, Moorhen with chicks at various stages of development, also Mallard with young. Highlights have been 2 Dunlin and 1 common Sandpiper, a good find for this patch. My Daughter took the photo of the Ringlet, and what a difference from the one on an earlier post.

Other places visited over the last few days , Soddy Gap, with Swans & 5 young ,coot & young , Little Grebe, and a few tufted. At Siddick Pond the best on view was two Black Tailed Godwit, plus Heron , a few Mallard, a Great black back, and a Black Headed gull. Also while there we found the Cinnabar larvae see pic.
Next we had a look round Workington harbour, there was c. 50 Swans there, plus Oystercatcher and Redshank and a mixed flock of gulls mainly Blackheaded. A good few days in spite of getting soaked through on two occasions.

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