Friday, 26 July 2013

MULL, Birds and other things

A fly-over Raven,   
A few days on Mull, my Daughter's idea, the reason being she is now based in Perth and we hadn't seen each other for a while, so she suggested meeting up on Mull. This would be her first visit, whereas my wife and I went last year.

Rock Pipit
It wasn't strictly speaking a birding trip, just a chance to meet up and chill out, and show my daughter the sights, and if any birds happen to be about when ever we parked up then I would point and click.

Rock Pipit
Rock pipit.

My Daughter is very interested in castles and historical building,so I had to take her to Iona to see the Abbey.

Iona Abbey

Swallows in an archway.
Beautiful show of flowers next to the Abbey.

Distant Hooded Crow.

One of many Wheatears seen while driving round.
An old fishing boat that has seen better days, this by the Sound of  Mull.
Ben Moor in the distance from across Loch  na Keal, tele photo shot.
And that's it really, we arrived on Mull on the afternoon of the 18th  of July and left on the 21st, and the weather was scorching. We did see Golden and white-tailed Eagles while there but always too distant for decent photos.


  1. Hi Gordon Good to sppsend time with our daughter adn yet be ableto see birds as well. I love the red flowers beside the Abbey and the Swallow chicks. I havebeen to Mull many years ago on a birding trip adn enjoyed it very much. Margaret

  2. Thanks Margaret, and yes it was a good trip, would like to have more time there.
    Take care Gordon.

  3. Beautiful shots! I love the swallows.

  4. Thank you Gunilla, They are quite late, possibly second cluch.
    All the best Gordon.


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