Friday, 12 July 2013

Kyfer & Misty day.

Misty enjoying the cooling waters of Lake Derwent Water.
Went over to see my mate Les, and spend some time with him while he worked, but first we let the Westies have some fun wandering around the Isthmus and swimming in the lake. Well when I say swimming, its Misty that does most of the swimming Kyfer not being quite as enthusiastic once out of his depth, whereas Misty is quite the water baby. So a few pics of the pair enjoying a day near the water and in it.

The day was so hot (reminiscent of Florida but without the wildlife) I thought they where going to drink the lake dry.

Misty is the nosey one, always frightened of missing something (female say no more)

She is probably the more intelligent of the two, (female wouldn't expect anything less)

Here he is, the reluctant swimmer, the plodder, but also the one more ready for a game.

This is how they are most often seen, together.
As regards bird life on our little outing, well I'm afraid there wasn't  a great deal about, and the following pics pretty much says it all.

Large congregations of  Greylag Geese in front of Crow park, sheep grazing on the park in the background.

Juvenile male Mallard sailing by.

The lake is very low at the moment through lack of rain, so the Cormorant is taking advantage of the rocks that are now showing.

A fly by Black-headed Gull, that makes the most of the tourists.
As do these Swans from time to time, no young this year as the nest got swamped by the floods earlier in the year, and they haven't bother to give it another go.
And lastly, even the Goslings are learning to cash in on the tourists, as they just wander about by the boat landings, inbetween rests of course.


  1. The dogs are beautiful..have a nice weekend

  2. hi Gordon Well the dogs, who are gorgeous looking certainly looks like they enjoyed the outing. Is that Mallard not a male in eclipse rather than a juvenile? Just a thought! Have a great weekend. Margaret

  3. Thank you for your comments, and yes Margaret You are probably right .
    Have a good weekend your selves.

  4. Those liitle fellas are having so much fun Gordon. I think you are too, but have fun without too many tourists.

  5. I like the shots of the "Dog Fish" at the start!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: slow reply caused by being in Central Australia!

  6. A gorgeous series of photos! Much needed and appreciated, as here in Montreal we are having a heat wave with temperatures upwards of 40 celsius. Thank you so much for sharing.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.